From major interstate access to cheap construction costs, a number of business advantages exist in the very county where the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is located. Paducah and McCracken County are attracting more and more economic development interest every day, which fans out to the entire region with the creation of jobs and commerce.


More than 12,000 college students annually attend courses at Paducah’s three university-level establishments. West Kentucky Community & Technical College, the University of Kentucky’s Paducah Engineering Campus and the recently opened Murray State University Paducah Campus offer higher education courses to students without ever requiring them to leave McCracken County borders. Plus, Murray State University, a four-year accredited college in Calloway County, is located less than an hour from the home county of the PGDP.


The state of Kentucky offers incentives to eligible economic development projects. These incentives, in the form of grants, tax abatements and credits, can benefit companies and individuals in PACRO’s Kentucky counties.




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