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While the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) is located in western McCracken County, Ky., its economic impact stretches further.  The counties included in PACRO are McCracken, Ballard, Marshall, Graves and the Southern Illinois county of Massac, which were the counties representing the major source of employees at the plant.

In turn, the communities are taking a hit with the PGDP closure and part of PACRO’s mission is to help soften the blow through job creation and regional development. Representatives from each of PACRO’s five counties sit on the Executive Committee and help make decisions pertaining to that mission.


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  1. I am Michele Longworth, a reporter for the Metropolis Planet. I had just a few questions. I saw PACRO is giving Metropolis $50,000. My first question is, why is Massac County government represented by the mayor of the city government? How are appointments to the PACRO committee determined? As was mentioned to me, most of Massac County’s industry is located within the county, not in city jurisdiction. It seems a bit unfair that the city was awarded the money instead of the county government. If someone would be able to answer my questions and respond back via e-mail, that would be wonderful. Thank you for your time.

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